Sexy B-pics!

This blog will be dedicated to some fab ladies and they're boudoir sessions! I LOVE these sessions and so do the ladies that do them! They not only walk away with classy, unique and magazine quality photos for their love, but from what I have heard it has been so easy and made them feel EMPOWERED, BEAUTIFUL and well, like a real woman! THATS awesome!

NOTE: I will post some now and am awaiting permission for others...

Oh and if you want to do one for your self. Its only $300 - that is for 2 hours and a ton of images on disc.

Here are some kind words from these beautiful ladies....


Thank you again for Sunday. It was amazing! You really made me feel so comfortable It's so cheesy to say, but I have felt so empowered since the shoot. Like you and everyone making me feel so comfortable and glam, it's like a super huge confidence boost. I was telling Angie that everyone needs to do a shoot like that, because you feel so empowered with your sexuality and woman-ness afterwards. You get that "I can conquer the world" feeling. Is that lame? Haha. Probably, but really, the shoot totally had the effect on me.


I just wanted to say a big thank you! The photos are awesome. I can't believe there are over two thousand! I went through quickly and narrowed it down to 200, and picked the ones I really loved. I think I have it down to 50. I'm so impressed. I feel like I have a lot of variety to work with, so I'm super thrilled. I had a hard time picking just a few. Who would've know (other than you) that it'd turn out so well??!! Thank you again!!


Jennifer Cress did a photo shoot with me as a wedding gift for my husband. She was great to work with and the photos were amazing! She made me feel comfortable and at ease. She also inspired me and gave me confidence. Jenn has the ability to capture people in a new light that lets their true beauty shine through. I had a blast and my husband....well he was speechless when he looked at the photos:)

Hi Jen!

I JUST finished looking through the photos, I started at 10 this morning! Thank you so much, you are so gifted! These are amazing, I wish I could show my mom! I'll be reccomending you to everyone I know who's getting married!


Link to a SAMPLE ALBUM from a recent session

More to come..

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