My son Jack

So Jack and I needed a breather and what better place for a dose of fresh air? DULUTH! This was Jack's first trip there so I was beyond excited to show him all the things I grew up experiencing. Little did I know its turned into quite the nice vacation spot. I haven't been there in at least 5 years and a lot has changed.. and for the better! The aquarium was new to me, and just the whole cohesive flow of Canal Park. We LOVED IT! Jack and I had a blast and really got some time to bond and just have FUN~! Here are a couple of shots from our trip! Next year we are insisting upon going with Steph, Matt & Baby OOCKA, since they pretty much have a second residence there.

Oh and btw, those are Jacks favorite boots! He wears them almost every day and calls them his "rickets" which is his version of "ribbit" and is symbolic to frogs which is what his boots are! Yes this is part of the vast new language of "jack speak" Just ask Daddy, Nana, Mimi (our daycare lady) or myself to translate - we are fluent!

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Miss Shugarman said...

it should be noted that about every three days, i come to your blog, just incase my google reader is broken, and i accidentally miss a new post.

with anticipation-