Jaxon aka "J"

I have been so lucky to photograph so many babies lately..Baby J belongs to Brenna and Scott, I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding! It honestly feels like just yesterday that we were downtown at the swanky Graves 601 for their wedding & reception and now here they are the lucky parents of this adorable baby boy - who they lovingly refer to as "J" - IN FACT Brenna has changed the words in "O say can you see" to O "J" can you see! NOW THAT is adorable! Its amazing what we as parents do for that sweet little smile or that perfect shot. In FACT. Sometimes we put naked babies where naked babies don't belong. LIKE IN A BOWL! If you don't believe me, see below. It might be one of my best shots ever =) He actually liked it. OR at least dealt with it long enough for me to get a couple dozen great shots!

Hope you enjoy Brenna & Scott, it was so nice to meet little "J" and see you both!


Sophia & Olivia - SISTERS!

Oh how lucky are these 2 girls? They will share secrets, dreams and giggles for a lifetime! I just can't help but think about how many memories these 2 cuties will have together!

Sophia is the older of the 2 girls and she she sure is petite, but don't let her size fool you! She is as witty as they come for a 3 1/2 year old! She doesn't miss a beat. The minute I arrived she pegged me for the sucker I am to all adorable little kids. The entire time she was saying "Jen, lets go out side, Jen can I have more skittles - which of course I obliged. Anything for a photo right?

Here's my tip for all of you parents who want great photos. Get bags of skittles.. VERY BIG BAGS OF SKITTLES!

Hope you enjoy these photos! I sure enjoyed taking them!


Anemonie Sushi & Oyster Bar

If you know me, you KNOW I love sushi and I love photographing it EVEN MORE! This place is wonderful and the chefs are amazing! The created these amazing dishes (I shot quite a few more!) in just minutes. I suggest the Caterpillar roll with EEL and EEL Sauce, ALWAYS good! If EEL is to much for you they have PLENTY of other options. This fab. lounge also boasts a great nightclub and is owned by Azia. YES I know, what a rough job I have, photographing and eating some of the best food in the Twin Cities


Baby George

Just thought I would share some photos - in the form of announcements I did for a friend! He is welcomed home by his adorable sister Bella -- who I will get to photograph later this year along with the entire Harig family! This baby boy is the exact replica of his Daddy! HOW adorable!!


Changes are coming!

Another reason I have been so very busy (besides my son and becoming his vacation bible school teacher! YIKES!!! They couldn't find anyone more qualified?? ;) I have had been re-doing my logo and creating 3 brand new web sites! 2 of the 3 should be ready by the end of next week.
Apparently June is a big month around here! ahahaha

over & out

Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion


I photographed a 6 page fashion spread for this awesome magazine and it should be out on the stands in a couple days. As soon as its out I will be posting it here. I AM BEYOND excited! This has been a huge undertaking and it turned out really great!!!

can't wait to see it in print. Its always cool to see something hard copy!


Best Buy Circular - Argus Cameras

Great News!

I will have some images in the June 15th Bestbuy Circular. THIS is very exciting for me! It will be for a great kids digital camera made by Argus

FYI- My shots have NOT been updated on their website.. I will update you when they are!

I can't share the images yet, but they will be kids and the product in a fun "camp" setting. Plus the basic product shots! When the circular hits the stands I will scan and post here!


Busy season!

Hello everyone! Well I have been so busy working I have not had time to blog about my last several *and I mean SEVERAL* weddings nor my other sessions.

I PROMISE I will do that this week! YOu can expect an update of at least 5 weddings and a bunch of other fun photo sessions!

oh and check out a couple other new updates I have coming up!

hope everyone is enjoying our PSUEDO spring!