Danielle & Eric - 3-29-08

Time flies...

I feel like I just met with this wonderful couple and next thing you know.. we are at the wedding!! WOWSA's!

I just can't say enough about how personable and fun this couple was! I should have known since they were referral from one of my past couples (Kris & Sara - June 007)

It was all about the details with Danielle, being a school teacher and Eric being a Lawyer, I think both are into making sure everything is handled =) Maybe that is why Danielle was fixing the Jewelry she made for each of her bridesmaids only MINUTES before she was to go down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams!

The ceremony and reception were gorgeous! Everything was in a dark pink, with black and white accents and elegance and simplicity provided for great photos and a memorable day for all!

Hope you guys enjoy this sneak peak at your photos.. There are about 3000 more to look at =)

Oh and I almost forgot... they had a buffalo bring in the wedding rings!! OK not a real buffalo - but the one used by Eric to propose to Danielle! See pics below!!


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