A couple newsworthy topics!

Since I am posting =) I thought I would share some big news! I have been so blessed with this wonderful career and now as it grows I can't help but be appreciative for some upcoming events

First off, I have been asked to do a fashion spread for a new fashion magazine - It is called Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion - you will see it on stands in June! www.twincitiesluxury.com

Secondly, I have been shooting for another magazine recently, METRO. I have been lucky enough to get some great stories on unique restaurants. The first was "The Strip Club" - www.domeats.com, SUPER good, locally grown food. Expect a wait though!!! It seems to be the place to be "SEEEEEN" right now and requires a reservation at night. The other place I was at was a total unknown for me, although I think its been around for a while! Its called Babani - it is a small Kurdish restaurant in St.Paul. The food was right up my alley, lots of spices and rice - plus it was very quaint - Not sure if they have a web site - but let me know if you want to try it and I will email you directions

Look for this and a 10 page spread I will have in METRO in the next couple months!

ok, last but not least an image that I provided to a local company that produces gift bags (you know the ones you buy for all the showers and weddings you go too?) was sold on a bag they will produce next year for baby's! It is adorable.. pink which is funny since it is my son's hand and feet in the picture! - I am hoping it sells well!

Thanks for reading my posts-- feels good to share some good news!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather-- I know Jack and I can hardly stay indoors.. unless of course I am blogging for 8 hours straight =)


Intranet Girl said...

Awesome work Jenn! I love that you started a blog. Keep it up - I know this will be a hit.

Kaosong said...

Congratulations on your new opportunity! You certainly deserve it! It was nice meeting you at my cousin's wedding. I wanted to say good-bye, but my son was at his breaking point. After I saw him pretending to be Spiderman while the parents were speaking on stage, I knew I had to take him home.

I'm definitely a fan now that I have seen your work!