That is not a spelling error, that is what it sounds like when my son Jack talks about my friend Stephany's (of Eye Spy Photography!) new baby boy Luca. His Dad happens to be a police officer, which is about the coolest thing my 3 year old can think of for a job and so I prepped him for visiting baby Luca by telling him about the cop car he would probably see.

SO FUNNY that my son took that info and decided to dub his new friend as "CopCar Luca" but since Jack has an issue with his "L's" it comes out with and "ooooo" sound!

It was such a wonderful day and I loved hanging out with Stephany - she is so fun and a great photographer. I enjoy having someone to chat about my 2 loves photos and family! I also loved seeing the new baby and the awesome tattoo that Stephany got in honor of her baby boy! - can't wait to hang out again!


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