A couple newsworthy topics!

Since I am posting =) I thought I would share some big news! I have been so blessed with this wonderful career and now as it grows I can't help but be appreciative for some upcoming events

First off, I have been asked to do a fashion spread for a new fashion magazine - It is called Twin Cities Luxury & Fashion - you will see it on stands in June! www.twincitiesluxury.com

Secondly, I have been shooting for another magazine recently, METRO. I have been lucky enough to get some great stories on unique restaurants. The first was "The Strip Club" - www.domeats.com, SUPER good, locally grown food. Expect a wait though!!! It seems to be the place to be "SEEEEEN" right now and requires a reservation at night. The other place I was at was a total unknown for me, although I think its been around for a while! Its called Babani - it is a small Kurdish restaurant in St.Paul. The food was right up my alley, lots of spices and rice - plus it was very quaint - Not sure if they have a web site - but let me know if you want to try it and I will email you directions

Look for this and a 10 page spread I will have in METRO in the next couple months!

ok, last but not least an image that I provided to a local company that produces gift bags (you know the ones you buy for all the showers and weddings you go too?) was sold on a bag they will produce next year for baby's! It is adorable.. pink which is funny since it is my son's hand and feet in the picture! - I am hoping it sells well!

Thanks for reading my posts-- feels good to share some good news!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather-- I know Jack and I can hardly stay indoors.. unless of course I am blogging for 8 hours straight =)


Just this past weekend I photographed this foursome at my studio-- It was great! Everyone worked and worked at getting some fun and unique photos. I am sure Dad was through with all of the crazy ideas, but in the end I know it was worth it. They haven't seen all of the photos yet (this will be the first time!) but I know they will love the variety. I really try to get everyone's personality and also a couple different settings and of course a mix of family members.

Thanks Dunlap's for being so relentless and relaxed.. It makes for a fabulous shoot!!


Jack's new buddy

I just wanted to take a minute and share our new addition to the family. He goes by "HORTON" and is of the feline persuasion =)

He weighs in at a WHOPPING 15lbs and has just been a blessing to us all!! Since the day we brought him home from the feline rescue located in St.Paul he just made him self at home.. sleeping with us, on us... ANYWHERE near us! It's as if he is saying.. please let me stay =)

We are happy to oblige!

Here are a couple shots of the boys playing together!


Danielle & Eric - 3-29-08

Time flies...

I feel like I just met with this wonderful couple and next thing you know.. we are at the wedding!! WOWSA's!

I just can't say enough about how personable and fun this couple was! I should have known since they were referral from one of my past couples (Kris & Sara - June 007)

It was all about the details with Danielle, being a school teacher and Eric being a Lawyer, I think both are into making sure everything is handled =) Maybe that is why Danielle was fixing the Jewelry she made for each of her bridesmaids only MINUTES before she was to go down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams!

The ceremony and reception were gorgeous! Everything was in a dark pink, with black and white accents and elegance and simplicity provided for great photos and a memorable day for all!

Hope you guys enjoy this sneak peak at your photos.. There are about 3000 more to look at =)

Oh and I almost forgot... they had a buffalo bring in the wedding rings!! OK not a real buffalo - but the one used by Eric to propose to Danielle! See pics below!!



That is not a spelling error, that is what it sounds like when my son Jack talks about my friend Stephany's (of Eye Spy Photography!) new baby boy Luca. His Dad happens to be a police officer, which is about the coolest thing my 3 year old can think of for a job and so I prepped him for visiting baby Luca by telling him about the cop car he would probably see.

SO FUNNY that my son took that info and decided to dub his new friend as "CopCar Luca" but since Jack has an issue with his "L's" it comes out with and "ooooo" sound!

It was such a wonderful day and I loved hanging out with Stephany - she is so fun and a great photographer. I enjoy having someone to chat about my 2 loves photos and family! I also loved seeing the new baby and the awesome tattoo that Stephany got in honor of her baby boy! - can't wait to hang out again!


Morgann & Mark 3-01-08

Great Couple + Great location = PERFECT Wedding!

It was a chilly day full day of love! The reception (most of the pics) was held at Christos in St.Paul. Honestly one of my favorite venues in the twin cities! It is not only beautiful, affordable and the food rocks, but my friend Georgia runs all the events. I have heard from MANY a bride that she made their day! I know as a vendor I love working with her. She is truly genuine and a great resource on your wedding day!

The bride and groom were very relaxed and having tons of fun right from the beginning! Mark was always cracking jokes and playing with the kids while Morgann primped and prepared for the big walk down the aisle... so funny how that works =)

The ceremony was held at the Kingdom Hall in Hudson Wisc and was so very personal as her father performed the ceremony! Tears were shed all around!

We did end up sneaking some time in for outdoor shots once back at the reception and Morgann added this adorable little coat which added just the right coverage and warmth!

Of course the night flew by and everyone seemed to have a blast! Good food & great people have a tendency to do that every time!!


Thanks Morgann & Mark for letting me share in your day!

Porter & Dawson - 14 days old!

One of my talented friends Katy just went through the amazing experience of becoming a mommy. I was so amazed by how well adjusted my friend is in just the short 2 weeks from their birth! Her husband Riley came home early that day so we could get a couple shots of them together and him with his 2 boys! It was so endearing to see this new family together and to think of all the adventures they will share!

Here is what Katy had to say after she got to see the photos!


I can't thank you enough for your amazing photographs of the boys. I will be looking at them and playing with them all night long. I can't wait to get them printed and up in their nursery.

You are and will always be our official family photographer!


Evan turns 3!

I had the great pleasure of photographing adorable Evan and his doting sisters on his 3rd birthday! It was a wonderful day, even though we didn't get to go outside because of rain! We did lots of fun stuff in my studio and found plenty to do!