My baby is a big boy!

{Personal ramble}Well.. its official.. my son has become a toddler. He turned 3 on Feb 7th. I am sure many of you are thinking, ummm, he wasn't even a baby at 2, but to me he was. Sometimes I could still see the chubby cheeks and pudgy fingers that resembled to me a NON toddler, I could kid myself by still allowing him his blankets - which he has affectionately named "blue & green" - clever since thats what colors they are! but...

Now as you will see in the pictures below.. he is a boy..a boy who is in love with anything related to trucks & tractors. Especially if they have happen to be crashing or pulling! He also is in love with his Nana, someone who will sit on the floor for HOURS, I am talking for real...HOURS on end driving things around, pretending and building all day!

He can now easily and clearly request or DETEST something he wants, likes or DOES not like!

I could go on and on, really.. but I won't, (call me if you want to hear more =)It is unbelievable how fast the time goes. I know I heard this a million times before I had kids, but wow! the time really does fly and suddenly they can put on there own shoes.. and off they go!~


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