IKEA rocks

As many of you know, I also do commercial photography. Well I had a chance to shoot at the IKEA in Bloomington. They were SO SO SO gracious, and I hope to be able to shoot for them "officially" someday really soon.

hope you like these!!

Oh and has anyone else heard of this? It was all the talk at Ikea!


Pretty Woman-

No this is not about the movie. Although I still watch it EVERY time I see it on my late night line up! No, this post is about a shoot that I had the opportunity to do for one of my 2008 brides, Jenny. She had planned on giving her husband beautiful & sexy photos for his wedding gift (in July!) What a lucky man he is! Below is a small sampling of images from this shoot.

Jenny, was amazing, photogenic and so fun and the make up/hair stylist did a great job! I thought the photos turned out really beautiful.

Here is what Jenny had to say.."I have gotten through about half of the pictures and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't thank you enough!"



My baby is a big boy!

{Personal ramble}Well.. its official.. my son has become a toddler. He turned 3 on Feb 7th. I am sure many of you are thinking, ummm, he wasn't even a baby at 2, but to me he was. Sometimes I could still see the chubby cheeks and pudgy fingers that resembled to me a NON toddler, I could kid myself by still allowing him his blankets - which he has affectionately named "blue & green" - clever since thats what colors they are! but...

Now as you will see in the pictures below.. he is a boy..a boy who is in love with anything related to trucks & tractors. Especially if they have happen to be crashing or pulling! He also is in love with his Nana, someone who will sit on the floor for HOURS, I am talking for real...HOURS on end driving things around, pretending and building all day!

He can now easily and clearly request or DETEST something he wants, likes or DOES not like!

I could go on and on, really.. but I won't, (call me if you want to hear more =)It is unbelievable how fast the time goes. I know I heard this a million times before I had kids, but wow! the time really does fly and suddenly they can put on there own shoes.. and off they go!~


Jacob Darsow

Ok. I know what your thinking.. is a month between posts really considered current? Hell No! But I am going to try and update this site with a couple posts tonight in an effort to "catch up"

I will start with my friend Shannon's adorable baby boy. Seen in the images below at only 1 day only. Life is truly a miracle and so is my friend! She not only is one of the most talented make up artists in Mpls, but is a mother to 3 kids under 4 and a DAMN good one at that! wowsas! I am continually amazed at her ability to make it all look so darn easy!

Kudos to you and all the other Mama's out there!

xxo- jc