Kicking & Screaming

After much pressure from friends and clients, I am here and ready to start blogging... aaaaaah I love technology...

I am not sure what has taken me so long to jump on board the blog tastic' craze, but now that I am, you can expect for me to entertain you (somewhat currently) with crazy stories of what its like to be a 30 year old super multitasking Mom & Wife + own and "passionately" operate my business, Jennifer Cress Photography

But can I really keep up on this to make any of you stay interested? Or will my grammar be so poor that it makes you cringe?

If all else fails I plan on enticing you with fun photos from my most recent shoots and hopefully some great antics from clients and friends =)

Regardless, I am looking forward to sharing my life with you online, I hope to keep you posted on what I consider to be a very blessed life!!

xoxo - jc

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